Ansonia, Connecticut Estate Planning and Living Trusts

Residents in Ansonia, CT might think they have everything in order because they have a basic will in place—unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Estate planning requires a lot more than a basic will, especially since the digital era has allowed anyone to download will templates without ever talking to an attorney. Estate planning is a comprehensive process involving a reputable Ansonia, CT attorney to make sure there are no mistakes or gaps in your planning.


It’s a common myth that only wealthy individuals with numerous estates need estate planning. In actuality, even seemingly humble estates can go into probate if estate planning isn’t in place. You want to help your loved ones upon your passing as much as possible, and this starts with estate planning today.

Who Needs a Living Trust in Ansonia, CT?

You do. A lot of people put together a basic will, whether from an online template or simply by typing it out and getting it signed by all parties. It’s rare for this to be enough to make it legally binding upon your passing, especially if other people come out of the woodwork and try to lay claim to your estate and investments.


A living trust is a must for nearly every resident in Ansonia, especially if you own any type of real estate or investment. The great news is that living trusts can and do work alongside basic wills, so you simply need to expand your protection—not replace it.

An Ansonia, Connecticut Real Estate Attorney You Can Trust

Looking for a real estate attorney can seem overwhelming, but that doesn’t need to be the case. You want them to be reputable and experienced, but it’s also critical that you seek out a real estate attorney who knows the ins and outs of law in Ansonia. Contact us today to instantly connect with an expert Ansonia, CT real estate attorney near you.

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